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Family Support Worker

What is Family Support?

A Family Support Worker recognises that parents have the complex task of raising children and teenagers in an ever changing world.  If you and your family are going through a difficult time, experience challenging situations or you would like to gain confidence in parenting, a Family Support Worker can offer support, guidance and a listening ear.

A family support worker can reflect with the family or the individual on the situation in the family, and help to develop an understanding of the behaviours, emotions and expressions of children and teenagers.

How to engage in Family Support?

Families can be referred to us by professionals from mental health services, childcare and educational institutions, Tusla, and any other professional, medical and supportive services. 



Family Support Professional Referral Form click here

For more information please contact our Family Support Worker:


Sarah Walsh, Full Time Family Support

Phone: 086 138 3940 





Fiona O Hare, Part Time Family Support, Cloyne 

Phone: 083 487 0224


This service does not offer:

Court reports, recommendations, references or letters outlining the family support work your are engaging in. 

Diagnostic tests. 




Financial subsidies.


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