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Midleton Family Resource Centre (FRC) 

is a community based organization which provides a haven of support and resource for all.

Family at a Beach

Midleton Family Resource Centre (FRC) is part of the national programme

called the Family and Community Services Resource Centre Programme. 

Midleton FRC since opening in 2000 has been managed by a Voluntary Board of Directors.

Since its establishment. Midleton FRC aims to identify and challenge issues of disadvantage by providing support to families and individuals within our community.


Midleton Family Resource Centre (FRC) first opened its doors to the public in 2000,

since then its crèche and pre-school has become popular locally with parents

from all backgrounds. Its continued success is reflected in its impeccable standards and extensive waiting list.


Over the years Midleton Family Resource Centre (FRC) has grown and adapted to suit the ever changing needs of our community and we now offer a diverse range of programmes to meet individual and group requirements.

Key Supports

  • The provision of Family Supports and Counselling.
  • Community link working and Community Information.
  • Childcare facilities including crèche, preschool and after-school care.
  • Practical assistance to community groups.
  • Toddler Groups, Summer and Easter Camps.

  • Finance and Budgeting service.
  • Education, courses and training opportunities.
  • Employability Service.


We also provide regular information talks/events and social meetings.


These services are provided through the involvement of the local community and in partnership with voluntary and statutory agencies in the area.

Professional Referral Form
Childcare application form
Family Support Professional Referral Form

Application form for Professional Referral Form

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Application form for childcare place

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Family Support Professional Referral Form

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Call Us:

+353 (021) 4633522 

Community Building, Oakwood Lodge, Old Youghal Road,, P25WP38

Company Number: 328904

Charity Number: 14706

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